Telegraph & Danby Reading Programs

The Telegraph and Danby Reading Programs are designed to provide remediation.  They provide small group and/or individual instruction for students experiencing difficulties in reading.

According to Senate Bill 319, passed in 2001, school districts are required to intervene with students who are reading below grade level.  Schools must take actions to improve the reading ability of students identified as reading more than one grade level below grade placement.  Testing begins in third grade.  Those students identified as having weaknesses, have a reading plan designed to improve skills.  If, by the end of fourth grade, a student is not reading at least on a third grade level; he or she may repeat that grade.

Students in grades three – seven are screened for the reading program. Students are screened if they have a teacher referral and/or have below grade level scores on the Communication Arts section of the MAP. The Gates/MacGinitie Reading Assessment is given to these students to determine if there is a weakness in Reading Vocabulary or Comprehension Skills.  If a weakness is determined, reading services are provided for those students who are in the most need of remedial help in reading.

The goal of the program is to give students the strategies they need to reach and maintain grade level expectations.