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Mr. Marshall

Stressful events like the current health crisis can be difficult for children to understand and to manage. Children’s reactions to stress and trauma are unique to each child, and they’re also affected by his or her age and developmental stage. It’s important to remember that the way you handle your own reactions will directly affect how well your children manage their reactions to stressful events. Helping your child feel safe by providing reassurance and routine is critical.

According to the American School Counselor Association,  adults should do the following to help their children feel safe during the Covid 19 health crisis:
 • Whenever possible, children should be in a familiar environment with people they feel close to.
 • Keep your child’s daily routines the same as much as possible. There is comfort in having things be consistent and familiar.
• Limit the amount of exposure to distressing media images.
• Provide brief and honest communication based on what you think your child can best manage.
• Honor your child’s need to talk about the event; try to have time alone together, when possible.
 • Encourage your child to play sports and games with peers, when possible.
• Older children may withdraw emotionally or need time alone apart from the family. Try to encourage them to talk with friends.
• Let your child know how you are feeling, so they understand their feelings are also valid. At the same time, talk about what you are doing to cope and manage your feelings, and how as a family you all can help each other.

Please contact me with any concerns that you may have for your child.