Kid's Korner

The Jefferson R-VII School District believes that the school age child care program provides opportunities and experiences that stimulate a child’s development. The program must meet the developmental and individual needs of each child. The child care curriculum should be based on the needs and interests of the child, limited only by the resources available to meet them. The child is encouraged to make activity choices. Each child is also encouraged to share his or her thoughts and feelings to aid in emotional, social, and language development.

The Jefferson R-VII School District also believes that there should be frequent and significant opportunities for parents to be involved in their children’s development. Activities designed to strengthen the family unit gives the family and the R-VII school age program the opportunity to work, play, and learn together. It is also important to work in collaboration and cooperation with other organizations such as, schools, churches, and social service agencies that are committed to serving the needs of children and families.

A rich environment that offers a wide variety of choices will enable children to construct knowledge according to their own interests. Activities and materials should encompass a wide range from sensory, literary, gross and fine motor, science, math, computers and much more. Children can implement their own ideas, work to solve problems and gain self-confidence. Through participation in-group activities, children learn to see from the perspective of others, an integral part of their socio-moral development. It is our hope that our program provides rewarding positive experiences that meet these criteria and will remain with your child throughout his/her life.

We at the Jefferson R-VII school age program will help children develop to their fullest potential, focusing on confidence, self-awareness, feelings of self-worth, interpersonal relationships, value development, academic achievement, physical skills, and health and nutrition. Our goals in the program will deliver a positive environment of safety, support and care and strengthen the family unit.

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